Renault Kadjar Hands Free Parking | Michael Grant Sandymount


Brian from Michael Grant Renault in Sandymount!

I am going to do a quick video to show you the parking pack on Renault Kadjar Signature NAV. I’m going to park between silver Renault Laguna and black Renault Fluence. We select parking button, then we choose that its reversing park we want to do. Select the left indicator to let the car know that it’s on the left side. The car starts to gauge the spot, and then stop. Select reverse gear, and this green arrow here as you start moving back it will start moving shorter and shorter. So you will start moving backwards, as you can see, the steering wheel is moving on its own. In the screen you can see where you are parking, it will tell you to stop, then select first gear, the steering wheel is moving on its own. Then it will tell you to stop again. Select reverse gear, and park as far until the green arrow tells you to stop. You should proceed until you get a message “Manoeuver completed”! 

Thanks for watching and we hope it will help!


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