How to change battery Renault key card?


I’m Ciaran, I’m Service Manager at Michael Grant Renault in Sandymount!

And today I am going to show you how to change the key flat battery in Renault key card. On the side of the card, you have a button. Press that button down, and as you are pressing, pull out the key. In the middle, you will see a gap. You pop your key in there and twist that off. As that comes off, you will see your battery. Pop the old battery out with your hand, and pop into a new one. And the reverse process, just pop the plastic piece back on. And that’s how your key card battery replaced.

Now guys! Thanks for watching. This key normally does Renault Clio, but it also does the Megane, Fluence, Captur, Zoe and Scenic.


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