Pair Your Phone with Renault | Free Guide | Michael Grant Sandymount


How to tune your phone into Bluetooth system of a Renault Clio Dynamique Multimedia System. Now, basically very simple. I’m going to show you an IPhone today, when you go into your settings menu of your IPhone, that brings you into your Bluetooth settings, once your Bluetooth is turned on, that will now search for the car. Now, when you go into settings menu of your car from the home screen, once you go into Bluetooth, you can then search for a Bluetooth device. The car is searching for the phone, and the phone is searching for the car. This normally takes between 30-40 seconds to find each other. When eventually the car and phone find each other, it’s going to ask you for a pin number, which will be displaced on the screen just in a couple of seconds. Now the name of your device comes up, once you click the empty box here, it will show you the pin number, and on your IPhone it will automatically ask you for the pin. The pair button is now highlighted, once you click the pair button, in a couple of seconds the phone name will change to yellow and it will show that Bluetooth device is connected.

Thanks for watching and I hope it will help!


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